Executive Summary

HMK USA LLC, a Delaware registered company, is an aerospace consultancy and crew services provider covering both commercial and military operations internationally.

HMK USA is privately owned with operational headquarters in Newport Beach, CA, and works closely with partners around the world to provide a wide range of human and knowledge services to aviation and aerospace industries in the region.

The company has access to a large pool of commercial, and recently retired, military flight, engineering, and maintenance personnel, to hire, train and deploy anywhere in the world with complete human resource management for smooth, discreet and efficient outsourcing solutions.

Team Members

HMK USA founders bring decades of experience in a variety of aerospace industry tracks to form some of the most integrated and comprehensive backgrounds in the domain. With more than 20 years in the field, their contributions to the industry span the equipment manufacturing, aviation finance, maintenance and airline operation tracks. They have provided commercial and technical consulting services, aircraft and engine acquisitions, leasing, operation and management services in addition to full air crew management and training both to militaries, and commercial airlines, around the world.

HMK USA partners and team members, comprise of over 11,000 professionals worldwide and include both military and commercial specialists. Their professions span the whole of the aerospace spectrum and include, among others, consultants, trainers, pilots, engineers, technicians and cabin crew. The team members are HMK USA’s biggest asset and comprise the core of it’s business strength. The flight and engineering crew can support any major commercial and military platforms including but not limited to: Boeing 737, 777, 787 – Airbus A320, A330, A350 and Lockheed Martin C130, LM100J and F16.

Strategic Advantage

HMK USA’s access to a large pool of international aviation experts and professionals is hard for any other aerospace service provider to match. This highly-connected network is the product of years of investment and represents a valuable human capital asset.

HMK USA takes care of all the human resource management needs of its team members, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free onboarding of outsourced crew.

Outsourced solutions are structured for complete discretion so that the identity of clients are guarded and protected. All human assets involved in a project undergo extensive validation and background checks and are security vetted by both the company and the client before involvement.

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