Human Resourcing

Through its extensive network, HMK USA LLC is in a very unique position to provide full flight and engineering crew to airliners and militaries around the world: pilots, engineers, mechanics, technicians, load masters, and others.

HMK USA is able to take care of all human resource management needs for its crew members, providing clients with one stop human resource solutions to operate commercial and military platforms including but not limited to Boeing 737, 777, 787, Airbus A320, A330, A350 and Lockheed Martin C130, LM100J and F16. Resourcing takes place with minimal interference and allows for an efficient onboarding process so that clients can focus on their strategic goals.

Aerospace Consulting

HMK USA LLC also provides military and commercial consulting services for a variety of areas in the aereospace domain.

Whether looking to expand or upgrade their fleets or simply looking to optimize their current structures, HMK USA advises clients regarding new aircraft, along with the tools, equipment and ground crew resources they will need, human skill and training requirements, down to even fuel requirements and ultimately the total cost of operations giving clients a bird’s eye view of the situation and enabling them to make credible informed decisions. In addition to that, HMK USA consultants matched specifically to clients’ setups define world-class standard operating procedures allowing clients to take command over an efficient and reliable fleet.

Because of its experience in the field and the unqiue outreach of its network, the company is also in a position to provide the kind of commercial and military aircraft sourcing, acquisition, leasing and financial services that they will require. HMK USA through its partners with specialty in each area can provide these services customized to the clients’ needs with the most competitive commercial terms existing in the market.

Crew Training

HMK USA can source the best-in-class international instructors and training programs for both ground or flight crew and is able to offer these for both commercial and military operations/organizations. Our trainings include but are not limited to: Pilot type certificates, Pilot simulator trainings, B1/B2 Engineers, Asset Management, Engine Borescope, Engine Line & Base Maintenance, Loadmasters and Technicians.

For overseas training programs, HMK USA takes care of the crew from day of hiring to the last day of their training completion including all travel and accommodation arrangements in a one stop service for training programs anywhere in the world.

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